Orders of Magnitude

As loyal readers know, I published an application on the Android market on January 3 called “Connect the Dots” (blog, project page). Today, January 18, I just checked the stats on the Developer Console: there have been 7489 installations of Connect the Dots, and it has 3.5 of 5 stars.

This means that more people have used Connect the Dots than have used any other software I have written by two orders of magnitude. When I first noticed this, it absolutely floored me. For all of my work on JIVE, in education, and on information visualization, it’s this silly one-week project that most people have used. It’s very hard to measure my impact on students in higher education in any kind of quantitative terms, but here, I can see that Connect the Dots has brought happiness to thousands of people. It may be fleeting happiness, but it’s happiness nonetheless.

Part of the inspiration may be the classic Powers of Ten video. Watch it if you haven’t. All my other work is a picnic blanket: Connect the Dots is a park. It borders on ludicrous.



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