Great Presentations

Yesterday, I posted on a course Wave that it’s possible for a student to go through an entire undergraduate education without ever seeing a great presentation*. However, you don’t have to, thanks to the power of the Internet. Here are some of my very favorites (which I’m sharing with my students directly, too):

For further discussion of what makes a great presentation, I will refer you to Presentation Zen.

*Actually, I think it’s even worse than that. People see so many bad presentations that they never learn to distinguish between bad and good. The fact that so many students want a passive spoon-feeding education is a symptom of a wider illness.



One Response to “Great Presentations”

  1. The Story of Sasha « Paul Gestwicki's Blog Says:

    […] that my Computer Science majors could have been there to see a truly excellent presentation. As I’ve written about before, I fear that many of our university students actually get worse at presentations during their time […]

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