One of the teams (or, I think, one of the members of one of the teams) from my Android-HCI class cleaned up the class project and has released it on the Android Market. If you have an Android device, open the market and do a search for “Elemental”, and you’ll find a nifty little periodic table application by Team Phosphoric. Well done, gentlemen! I found posting an Android app on the Market to be a fulfilling personal experience and a great learning experience as well.

The good folks at Google have promised that we should get a Web-searchable version of the Market soon, as well as cloud-to-device messaging, which will allow me to give you a link directly to the app installation. Until then, you’ll have to do it the conventional way.


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2 Responses to “Elemental”

  1. Siva Says:

    That must be the crazy haired Andrew :)

  2. Paul Gestwicki Says:

    I think he’s the one who put the finishing touches on it in terms of signing and uploading the application. Your whole team should be proud of this excellent work, though. Right now, it has half a star more than Connect the Dots! :)

    I did email him and suggest that the team Web site get cleaned up a little bit though. It’s linked from the About page, and right now it’s pretty cluttered.

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